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The GP COOP ‘Clean Energy Carbon Credit’ encourages MASS participation in tackling ‘Global Warming & the Climate Crisis.’ Only then can we achieve the MASS shift towards living the ‘Sustainable LifeStyle' that is so urgently needed.

A Synergistic Approach...Together we WIN!

Create your own Clean Energy Carbon Credit Fund. Review the catalog and choose what's best for you. Discover how the GP COOP Co2 Emissions Permit / Clean Energy Carbon Credit work and how you can get them for FREE

The GP COOP 'Carbon Credit' FAQ's

What is its purpose?

The GP COOP Carbon Credit enables every person on our wonderful planet earth to participate in combating Global Warming while including an option to learn and accumulate GPC crypto tokens.

Each GP COOP 'Carbon Credit' sold helps…
The funding and development of vital new and existing environmental preservation & restoration projects.

Helps achieve widespread 'Climate Positive' status by reducing the level of Co2 emission per capita on our planet.

Each Permit represents 'Active Participation' in the GP COOP Clean Energy Carbon Credit program & the purchase of specific tonnes of CO2 emissions and acquisition of specific monetary amounts of GPC crypto tokens. 

For example purchase £100 permit, you'll receive 2 tonnes CO2 emissions permit, plus £100 worth of GPC crypto tokens to do with as you wish (add to your crypto portfolio, trade buy/sell/hold, gift to family & friends, use for your own green project/s).

Information on how / ways to use your GP COOP 'GPC' crypto are issued with each purchase.

You can very quickly put yourself in the position of being ‘Carbon Neutral’ (or even better ’Climate Positive’) with very little, or zero, expense.


The Climate Crisis...Let's Tackle it 'Together'

...start by reviewing the catalog

The 'GPC' crypto tokens are an additional incentive to encourage carbon reduction. The GPC token presents an opportunity to participate in the dynamic world of crypto currency. Options to participate include an online digital exchange with its 'decentralized' system (blockchain' technology, 24 hour access, and total anonymity) or if preferred, our own 'Centralized' in-house service.

People can now use the 'GPC' crypto token to take full total control of their finances. Use the GPC crypto token to ‘trade-in’, change’ or ‘swap’ paper money into their own preferred assets (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold, etc).

We encourage change to both a Sustainable lifestyle, financial independence, with a positive impact on climate change and poverty!

Here's a quick summary of the Global Warming Problem...

The 6th Mass Extinction event! (Created by humans)
Scientists tell us it has already started (back in 2010).
The year 2030 being forecast as the start date for 'IRREVERSIBLE'  damage.

In just 30 to 40 years over 100 SPECIES will disappear along with plant life.
With the planet rapidly changing in temperature the Human race will be quick to follow...
The clock is ticking, Let's get started!


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