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Economic growth with the ability to be maintained...


The GreenPals Cooperative promotes a Clean Energy Circular Economy.

"Do You Have Your Own Sustainable Project and Would
Like to promote it with our Sustainable
crypto tokens or Co2 Permits?"
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Going Green using the GreenPals Cooperative Circular Economy...

GreenPals Cooperative Circular Economy is presented as a partner to a sustainable resource use system where the best waste is the one that is never produced and, those that are inevitable, are considered resources that can be reused and recycled.

GreenPals Cooperative Circular Economy also implies a cultural change in the way we understand finances, employment, and the consumption system in order to deal with a lack of resources, environmental impacts, and value creation.

GreenPals Cooperative Circular Economy
An opportunity to establish a truly ‘Sustainable LifeStyle’ that can be implemented and enjoyed by the many millions worldwide and at the same time address the continuing, and mindless, destruction of our planet.

  • Clean Energy Fund: Generating funds through ‘GPC’ Crypto
    plus 'GPC' Co2 emission permits, plus additional programs.

Asset Creation & Asset Recycling:
Funds created (assets) are then invested in ‘clean energy’ and ‘carbon capture’ projects (environment, home, heating, transport, etc)

Those participating in the GreenPals Cooperative Programs (Circular Economy) receive a variety of rewards and monetary benefits from the creation of those assets.

With its synergistic effect, and its multiplying & compounding action, the GreenPals Coop Circular Economy can result in the creation of wealth, the opportunity to eliminate poverty, and a speedier response to the challenge of climate change.

The GreenPals Cooperative Circular Economy is therefore a key element for sustainable development and represents an opportunity to drive forward climate action and the energy / economy transition.

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