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ICO launch 7th January 2022!
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Two options available. 

You have the choice of buying using a 'Decentralized' crypto exchange (for total control and anonymity),  or our 'In-House Management Service' which is a regular 'Centralized' service (you work with our GPC team).

1. 'DECENTRALIZED'  (complete anonymity, total control, 24/7 access).
This means using a crypto exchange to buy and trade your crypto/s.
Open a free account at the Waves exchange.
Get your FREE crypto wallet.
Buy the GREENPALSCOOP (GPC) crypto.
Options to trade (Hold/Buy/Se

Cash-In your crypto on the exchange whenever you want.
We have plenty of information on how to
use the exchange

FREE CRYPTO! You will also get entered into all future GPC crypto
airdrops, promotions, giveaways, and contests absolutely FREE.

When you win we transfer the tokens directly into your wallet.
You have mutiple options to accumulate 'GPC' crypto and build yourself
a sizeable Clean Energy Fund!

Want to buy crypto but don't want to use a crypto exchange?


This simply means using our In-House Management Service.

You will need to register, then choose & purchase your crypto package.

When you want to 'Cash-In' all you need to do is contact our team, fill out a short form, we then forward the cash to your chosen payment option (you get paid the token market 'on-the-day' value minus a 1% transaction fee).

You will also get entered into all future GPC token airdrops, promotions, giveaways, and contests' absolutely FREE. You'll continue to have multiple options to accumulate GPC crypto and build yourself a sizeable Clean Energy Fund!

Accounts are FREE.

You'll find full details at the Greenpals Coop STORE
Simply select the GPC token crypto package/s you want to buy.
You can purchase using your PayPal account, credit/debit card. Bank transfer.

A Genuine Opportunity To Make Millions In Minutes!...

*Launching January 7th 2022!
EENPALSCOOP (GPC) crypto token
Register for the latest news...ICO, Private sale, Airdrops.
Become a
GreenPals Cooperative Membe
Get FREE GPC's, Trade, or join any one of our GREEN MONEY programs.

We're giving away GPC crypto FREE to new member's!


'Refer a friend' £500,000
Referral Bonus Offer! 
referrals can get you a
share of £500,000 in BITCOIN!

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Multiple ways to Increase Your GREEN Wealth!

GreenPals Cooperative

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